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Open Letter from Steve Martin:steve martin trap shooter

It is the dream of every sportsperson to get an Olympic Gold. I can do that in my chosen sport and I have written a letter below. If you think you can help me in anyway at all, it does not matter how small then please contact me.

My name is Steve Martin and I’m a 20 year old aspiring olympian from County Suffolk. My sport of choice is clay pigeon shooting and Id like to provide you with some information about the sport, my achievements and wishes.As a young competitive clay pigeon shooter this last year has been very memorable and productive. These memories and accomplishments were realised after a lot of hard work and determination on my behalf.

Obviously the ultimate dream in any competitive sportspersons career would be to compete in the biggest sporting event in the world, The Olympics. At the moment there are no quota places for the olympics in the coming year. However, there are next year until Olympics Rio 2016. Due to this I am using this year to gain experience in the sport with the hope of gaining a quota place on the Clay Pigeon Shooting Team to represent Ireland.In order to gain a quota place a lot of hard work, determination, finance and support need to undertaken including taking part in World Cup events throughout the world with 6 competitions in total.

This year alone I must try to compete in the minimum of 2 events. These events are located in Granada, Spain and Suhl, Germany. Along with these events there are non international Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) events which I wish to take part in which include the Beretta Gold Cup, Italy, The UK Championships, The British Grand Prix and The Home Countries International in Scotland.

To reach The Olympics not only do I need to compete in the events but I also need help, support and training to achieve the dream. Fortunately Iv been lucky enough to gain sponsorship from Phil Coley, Cheltenham England. Phil Coley is a top sports psychologist in the specific sport of clay pigeon shooting. His sponsorship means that I’m being trained psychologically by the best in the UK and possibly the world. Phil has a great deal of experience within the sport as his father Ian Coley is the coach of Team GB clay pigeon shooting team and has been for the past 24 years. Ian Coley was involved recently with the coaching of Peter Wilson who succeed a gold in the London 2012 Olympics.

To prove my determination in achieving my ambitions and goals below is a short summary of my achievements in the past year. I earned a place on the Irish Team to compete in the Down The Line (DTL) World and European Championships in Wales. On achieving this I then went on to gain places to the Home Countries International and British Open Championships. I relished this experience at such a young age to meet with and compete against a range of shooters with lifelong experience where I feel I learnt a great deal more about the sport.At the European Championships I succeeded in securing a gold medal in my class and bronze in the team event. In the World Championships I also won a gold medal in my class and again secured a bronze medal in the team event.

Thankfully the winning streak did not end there. I followed these medal wins by winning the Junior High Gun of Ireland at the Home Countries International event on the first day. Obviously these achievements helped to boost my confidence and drove me to further succeed throughout the year.Later in the year I decided to push my clay shooting abilities further and competed in Cairnview Farm in Northern Ireland. However, this time I decided to compete at the Olympic Trap event. Even though this was my first time to compete in the Olympic Trap event I finished third in Ireland and ninth overall in the competition. This success pushed me to further pursue this discipline so I entered the British Grand Prix event. My perseverance’s paid off. I achieved a score of 182 ex 200 and won a gold medal in the junior competition along with a gold in my class which earned me a place as the highest placed overseas shooter .

I was also fortunate to have won the AIB shooting star award for Automatic Ball Trap (ABT) and had shot the highest score in Ireland for the year with a score of 98/100.To further my passion and career in clay pigeon I must take part in these ISSF events however, I need financial help. Unfortunately lack of financial help may be the only factor which stalls my dreams of reaching the Olympics. Despite believing that I can achieve great things in the sport, lack of funding may hold me back. Last year I purchased a state of the art gun, so I now have the tool of the trade, full support of my family and friends, ambition and determination. All I’m missing now is financial help as i put all my money as it is into my practise and general funding of my shooting so as a cause of this it is very hard to try and save.

If I was lucky enough to gain some sponsorship I would happily endorse the company in any way possible. To begin with I would happily promote the sponsor around the world by wearing their logo on my shooting vest and mention with thanks the company in any interviews I take part in. If I was luck enough to receive sponsorship, the money received would be spent in the following ways:€ 170 entry fee to the world cup event. Training before the initial start day costs €8 per round of 25 and a practise day would entail shooting at least 75-100.

A gun licence declaration to allow entry of my gun into different countries will cost approximately €70 depending on the destination will be travelling for a minimum of 5 nights, where I will have to stay in official team hotels with a cost of €150 per night.Depending on the destination, ammunition may cost a minimum of €10-€12 per box of 25.As events will take place in peak season flights will be in the top price ranges.When competing in in Europe shooters will have the opportunity to hire vehicles to travel to events however, outside the EU official coaches will need to be used. Which again a rather a large expense incurs.

To attend these events I must take unpaid leave from work which may be quite a few days per event.I am a truly dedicated sportsman and I feel that I have more to give and my potential has not yet been reached, but maybe with your help my olympic dream could become a reality.Thank you for taking time to read this, and I look forward to hearing back from you in the future with any help or advice you could offer. Steve

Steve Martin is supported by the Advanced Clay Shooting Academy